Humana Wellness is one of the best rehabilitation centres in Gurgaon, near New Delhi which offers special de-addiction programs for the recovery of patients. Our centre is located in such a place that covers all the conveyance areas nearby, which makes it easier for clients from other cities to approach us. Facilities at our centre are good and a 24/7 support is available for the patients who are under recovery, the land area is quite wide, along with various lawns and gardens with a vast variety of trees, fruits, and vegetables. The overall environment is peaceful and comfortable. One can just sit there and relax his/her mind in the lawn area which is surrounded by greenery. The food provided here is hygienic and protein-rich. Proper diet plan is given as per the need of the patient. A clean living environment with a defined exercise routine is followed by the patients ultimately making the centre one of the best rehabs in Gurgaon.


Our centre provides the best treatment for drug addiction, substance abuse, alcohol addiction, depression, anxiety, bipolar affective disorder, social media addiction, schizophrenia, smoking or tobacco addiction, gadget addiction, gambling addiction and other mental illnesses that prevails. Our team consists of professional psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, physicians, dieticians, psychologists, and counselors who interact with patients on daily basis and maintain a separate record for each patient. The diet, living arranges and exercise routine is taken care of in a systematic way by professionals. We offer various activities for our patients like art and craft, short trips, board games, outdoor games like football, volleyball, to keep the minds of the patients fresh. Regular therapy and treatment sessions are held for the patients, we aim at getting our patients recovered in a limited period so that they can also lead a normal and a healthy life.