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Bipolar affective disorder is a mental illness that causes dramatic shifts in mood. Energy and ability to think of a person. People who have bipolar disorder often experience high and low moods simultaneously, also known as mania and depression. The average age is 25 when a person is likely to catch bipolar disorder. Treatment becomes necessary if the symptoms get severe with time and you can now get the best treatment for bipolar disorder in Gurgaon.

Symptoms can vary for every person, a person with bipolar disorder might have manic or depressed states for an extended period, sometimes years without any symptoms. Severe bipolar episodes of mania and depression include hallucinations and delusions

To be diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder, one must have experienced at least one manic episode. Hypomania is a milder form of mania that does not include psychotic episodes. People with hypomania can concentrate on their work and life. Suicide can be a danger to the person as some people become suicidal due to manic episodes.

The lows of bipolar disorder are such that people are not able to get out of their beds. They feel difficulty in sleeping and waking up. They become more obsessed with feelings of loss, guilt, and helplessness and this negative thinking can also lead them to thoughts of suicide.

Scientists have not discovered any exact cause of bipolar disorder but several factors are considered:

The chances of developing bipolar increase if someone in the family has had this disorder.

Any stressful event like an illness, falling of a relationship, or death in the family can lead a person to the symptoms of bipolar disorder.

Brain scans cannot diagnose bipolar disorder yet researchers have identified subtle differences in the average size of some brain structures in people with bipolar disorder.

Diagnosis and treatment

A doctor performs a physical examination to diagnose bipolar disorder which involves lab tests and interviews. These tests are ruled out by other illnesses that might be causing the symptoms and to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder a person must have experienced at least one episode of depression and if you are diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder, you must get yourself into treatment right away. You can now get the best treatment for bipolar disorder in Gurgaon.

The bipolar affective disorder is treated in several ways:

Psychotherapy like cognitive behavioral therapy and family-focused therapy help the patient to keep themselves in shape and order.

Medications like mood stabilizers, antipsychotic medications, and antidepressants are given only if prescribed by the doctor or psychiatrist. Every patient has different needs so medications are given accordingly.

Self-management strategies like education and recognition of an episode’s early symptoms help the patient prevent relapse.

Complementary health approaches like aerobic exercise, meditation, faith, and prayer can support but not replace treatment.

If you think that you or someone you know is having bipolar affective disorder then help them get into treatment before it gets too late. Our rehabilitation center gives out the best treatment for the bipolar affective disorder in Gurgaon.


Frequently asked questions

Yes, if you don’t get your treatment done by the right time, bipolar disorder can be severe and dangerous. The person can be depressed for a longer period and would lose his normal life.

Studies claim that about 70-80% of people with bipolar disorder are treated successfully whereas some people will continue to have mood swings and light symptoms.

Last stages of the bipolar affective disorder are characterized by chronic cognitive and functional impairment, often with mood symptoms, and are associated with refractoriness to standard treatment options.

It is treatable and manageable with the combination of medicines and psychotherapy. Mood stabilizers are given to the patient along with regular therapy sessions to help the patient control his/her bipolar symptoms.

Bipolar disorder affects approximately 3-5% of the adult population and equally affects men and women.

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