Heroin is also named diamorphine and it is a very addictive drug synthesized from morphine. The opium poppy is the main item of heroin. There are many areas where opium is cultivated. A person gets addicted to heroin when he/she takes it for recreation and then continues taking it as a drug when found it is enhancing his/her feelings and giving them relief from pain.

Heroin addiction becomes undeniable at a certain point and the user does not intend to stop using and end up developing a strong addiction. An addict comes in touch with heroin for the first time through his/her friends in an attempt to test its taste and to get relieved from emotional pain. Heroin addiction is considered death to humanity.

Heroin addicts are seen with a dependency on this drug. It is when a person becomes addicted to heroin, tolerance develops, and the volume per use increases gradually. Physical dependence and addictions develop when higher doses are taken. The user feels restless to take this drug when the drug is not available to him. Heroin goes straight through blood and brain barriers and acts as an anti-anxiety reactor, relief of pain and creates a body high feeling. The addict feels like his life is nothing without heroin. Heroin addiction affects life to the worst degree.

An addict will do anything to get heroin, it is expensive and is illegal in most counties. Due to the effects and for rehabilitation procedure it is allowed in a few counties only. The drug has to be used as an injection and only if prescribed by a professional doctor. It is still an illegal drug and some gangs sell it out to addicts. Youngsters are the victims in most places, they get addicted through a user who is already an addict. There have been cases when addiction seems to be a cause of big crime in many areas.

Heroin addiction will always be a bad influence on humans. It creates problems for the addict as well as his family. When many people from a community get addicted to heroin, it becomes dangerous for the whole society. Those addicts can commit a crime to generate money for buying more heroin. This causes a country’s peace to break down, and this is why the government imposed a ban on its use. Only a licensed importer can import heroin that too with a valid reason.

Heroin addiction is one of the most destructive addictions and one must be aware of it. This addiction can catch you and destroy your whole career within a few months. Many people think that they can never get into addiction but anybody can fall for it so be alert and stay healthy!

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