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Depressive disorder is more than just feeling sad, it is a serious mental health condition that requires proper attention and medical care. Depression can be devastating if not paid attention to. With an early diagnosis, treatment is possible and the person will be able to resume his normal life. Some people experience at least one episode of depression once in their lifetime whereas the people with depressive disorder experience episodes which last for months and sometimes for years. Treatment is necessary for depression and our rehabilitation center offers the best treatment for depression in Gurgaon.  

What are the symptoms of depression??

Depression presents different symptoms, depending upon the person. Common symptoms include:

  • Less activity
  • Guilt and hopelessness
  • Lack of interest
  • No concentration
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Physical pain
  • Loss of energy
  • Changes in eating habits
  • Sleep routine changes


Depression never has a single cause; it can be triggered by a life crisis or by physical illness. Some of the major causes are:

Relationship changes, financial changes, and marital status changes can trigger depression.

Research says that the frontal lobe of the brain becomes less active when a person is depressed and depression is associated with changes in how the pituitary gland responds to hormone stimulation.

When people experience trauma at an early age, it can cause long-term changes in how their brain responds to fear and stress which might cause depression.

Mood disorders tend to be running in families so anyone can catch depression.

Adults who are addicted to any kind of substance are prone to catch depression as their life falls.

Diagnosis and treatment

A person must have has at least one depressive episode to be diagnosed with depression. The symptoms of a depressive episode include:

  • Change in weight
  • Difficulty in making decisions
  • Suicidal intentions
  • Feelings of low self-worth
  • Sleeping issues
  • Loss of interest


The doctor will examine and if you are diagnosed with depression, you would be asked to get into treatment. Our rehabilitation center gives out the best treatment for depression in Gurgaon.

Depression responds to treatment and the person can recover from this state. Safety planning is important for people who get suicidal thoughts. A combination of medications and therapy is considered the best treatment for depression. The treatment plan includes:

Includes cognitive-behavioral therapy, family-focused therapy, and interpersonal therapy which help the person in taking control over his/her mind.

Antidepressants and antipsychotic medicines are only given as per the prescription of the doctor.

Help the patient to feel relaxed and help with mild-to-moderate symptoms.

These therapies are tried only if psychotherapy and medication do not work on the patient and he/she needs more advanced treatment. Repetitive Tran’s cranial magnetic stimulation is recommended to cure severe depression.


Frequently asked questions

Yes, children can get depression too. The factors include a change in physical health, life events, heredity, or inheritance which can cause disturbance in the brain of the child.

No, lack of sleep cannot cause depression but it does play a role in the overall process. Lack of sleep is caused by mental health issues and can intensify depression.

There is no cure for depression but there is an effective treatment that helps people recover from depression and live a long healthy life.

Depression can interrupt your way of thinking and it hampers your attention, memory, and decision-making ability. Due to these reasons, you might start to think that depression has affected your intelligence.

Depression and hair loss are linked with each other and those suffering from depression often notice their hair to be dry, brittle, and break easily.

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