Detoxification is the process of clearing the body of drugs or substances that an individual has been consuming over the past years. The purpose of detoxification is to safely manage withdrawal symptoms after the person stops consuming drugs or alcohol. Every person requires a different approach to detox as per the drug/alcohol he/she has been consuming. You can now get the best detoxification treatment in New Delhi, with the help of our rehabilitation centre.

It takes weeks for some people to get past the withdrawal symptoms. The period depends upon the factors like method of abuse, family history, amount being consumed, the type of drug that has been abused, and medical condition of the patient.


Every addict has a different detox need. The drug detox process helps the addicts to get personalized treatment. The process involves the following steps:

  • Evaluation – screening of patients is done to measure mental and physical issues. Blood tests are conducted to check the amount of drug in the system of the patient. This helps to detect the level of medication needed by the patient. A review of psychiatric history is conducted by the doctors to check if the patient needs a long-term or short-term treatment.
  • Stabilization – the next step is where the patient is stabilized with psychological therapy and medication. Stabilization aims at protecting the patient from harm and damage, doctors prescribe medication to prevent relapse and complications.
  • Entering into treatment – the final step is preparing for the treatment. Doctors consult with the family members of the patient and treatment begins. Our rehabilitation centre offers the best detoxification treatment in New Delhi. You can contact us and get yourself enrolled here.

There are people who choose to get detoxified at home, which is dangerous and can be deadly too because when a user attempts detoxification at home, he/she ends up complicating their health and relapses within a few days. This disturbs the whole recovering cycle. Without medical supervision, detoxification will lead the person to dehydration and seizures. So make sure to visit a professional doctor and you can get your detoxification treatment done in New Delhi. 

Detoxification takes one to two weeks, but if the addict has been consuming high-risk drugs, such drugs take up to 2-3 weeks to leave the system. The time that substances take to leave the system is less important than making sure that the patient won’t relapse again and triggers can be managed effectively. Our rehabilitation centre helps such people and we give out the best detoxification treatment in Delhi NCR. Detoxification helps the person in gaining coping mechanisms that enable them to detect their mental and physical illness.


Question 1) what will detoxification do to my body?

– Detoxification aims at cleansing of blood, it will remove all the impurities of drugs/alcohol from your system and will make your body ready for getting addiction treatment. Detoxification is always done under medical supervision.

Question 2) will I lose weight during the detox program?

– If your diet involves calorie restriction, then you are prone to losing weight but it will improve your metabolic health. It takes around 5-10 days for detoxification to be effective on your body.

Question 3) what do I eat after detoxification?

– After your cleansing, your diet will be given to you by the dietician and they will ask you to stick to nuts, beans, and foods without sugar and preservatives. Try to work out and take at least 5 servings of vegetables every day. This will improve your metabolism and you will be able to recover in a short time.

Question 4) why is the detox program important?

– Detoxification is important as it helps the body to get the substance/drug out of the body. Environmental toxins also leave the body through detoxification. Your body will prepare itself to get into a long-term treatment against addiction.

Question 5) can I detox and still eat good food?

– You can still achieve amazing results with the help of a detox program that allows you to eat food, three meals a day – with light snacks.

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