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Drug addiction or substance use disorder is a brain disease. The drug directly affects your brain which makes it difficult for you to stop consuming drugs/substances. The first to get drug addiction is to see the actual problem and make a decision to seek help. You can get the best drug addiction treatment in Delhi NCR at the best drug rehabilitation center in Delhi NCR. Addiction is not a problem of willpower; it is a powerful and complex disease. Treating drug addiction requires proper care and therapy. 

What kind of drugs leads you to addiction?

Drugs that can lead you to addiction are:

  • Alcohol
  • Club drugs
  • Cocaine
  • Smack, meth
  • Hallucinogens
  • Inhalants
  • Opioid
  • Steroids
  • Sedatives
  • Tobacco/nicotine


All these drugs are different but they affect the brain equally. That is what makes these drugs/substances habit-forming. People feel intoxicated after taking drugs. The brain becomes desensitized to the drug so that more drugs must be taken to produce the effect.

This takes over the life of the person. One stops enjoying other things in life, work and relationship fail. The addict feels like he/she is under the control of drugs. They become so consumed with the need that they forget food exists.

Why do people take drugs?

  • To enjoy the experience
  • Want to improve themselves at work
  • Want to blunt their unpleasant feeling
  • Peer pressure, curiousness

Symptoms of drug addiction:

  • Engaging in risky behaviors
  • Craving drugs
  • Difficulty in coping up
  • Changes in physical appearance
  • Changes in eating habits
  • Always tired
  • Weight loss
  • Lost control over drug use
  • Money problems


If you are feeling any of the above symptoms then prepare yourself to get treatment if you want to live a normal life. We are the best drug rehabilitation centre in Delhi NCR with the best drug addiction treatment in Delhi. Contact us now to get yourself enrolled in our drug rehabilitation Centre.

How is drug/substance abuse diagnosed?

When dealing with drug addiction, the first step is recognizing the issue and deciding to seek help. This can be prompted by family or friends. A healthcare professional will then administer an exam consisting of tests and discussions to determine the cause of the addiction. After analyzing the results, treatment will begin at our top-rated drug rehab center in Delhi NCR, India. Our center is staffed by highly trained professionals who will provide care for the patient during their recovery period. We are committed to providing the best drug addiction treatment in Delhi NCR.

Treatment for drug addiction

Several therapies and medications are provided to the patient, you will get a combination of the following therapies

Proper healthcare is necessary for the body to eliminate drugs through detoxification.
Medications are administered during detox to manage cravings and ease withdrawal symptoms.

Cognitive behavioral therapy and psychotherapy are two main therapies that are given by psychologists to the patients to make the patient feel calm and relaxed. It boosts the self-esteem of the patients.

It is important to only take medication and therapies as prescribed by a doctor, as each patient’s recovery needs may differ. A systematic approach is used to treat patients in need. If you know someone struggling with drug or substance addiction, encourage them to seek help before it becomes too severe. For top-quality drug addiction treatment, Humana Wellness, a highly rated drug de-addiction center in Delhi NCR, is a great option.


Frequently asked questions

Drug addiction increases the risk of physical and mental health problems like anxiety, depression, and psychosis. It can ruin your work life and personal life too. You can lose everything along with your money.

Communicate with your loved ones, seek therapy before it gets too late, try to maintain a happy lifestyle, deal with pressure, and look into your past.

Only 14% of people say that they are well aware of drug addiction whereas the rest claims that they don’t have much knowledge about drug addiction. This needs to be changed and people should explore addiction, it is also a disease.

Yes, you will get better and in fact, you can come out of the vicious cycle of drug addiction if you take proper therapy and medications. If you are motivated enough and you are trying hard to get well. No one can stop you from achieving that goal. After recovery, all of it becomes worth it.

Yes, you can exercise and play any sport to get your mind off of drugs, explore your hobbies, volunteer in social work, and try to learn a new language. This will probably help you out in thinking straight.

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