When a person starts to abuse addictive drugs, changes start to occur in a person’s life. The reasons for starting on these drugs are multitudinous, but the results are not that varied because regardless of how he arrived at the path of addiction, he arrived.

Addiction is not a varied thing from addict to addict. The psychological consequences are similar from drug to drug and addict to addict.

When addiction begins, the solution is treatment. While many people can quit drugging or drinking without professional help, it is a slow and dangerous way to go about it. Without professional assistance, relapse and reversion can plague the addict for long periods and can destroy any trust that has been built up with those around him.

 It was believed for many years that the main block to an addict’s recovery was the phenomenon of drug withdrawal and that avoiding the pain and discomfort of withdrawal symptoms was enough to perpetuate the use of the drug or drink. So, if it were possible to avoid those symptoms of withdrawal, we should have a solution to the grip of addiction.

 This led to various therapies including detoxification to overcome heroin addiction. Using the highly addictive synthetic opiate methadone to avoid the pain of not using heroin can facilitate the removal of heroin from the daily routine of the addicted person. But, remove the methadone and we have the same set of symptoms. If the methadone was used for an extensive period, the withdrawal is more painful to endure than the heroin withdrawal would have been in the first place.

Another way that addicts can cease using an addictive opiate without having to experience the shock of withdrawal is through medically induced stupor or sleep. By knocking the addict out for 4-5 days, he/she will sleep through the withdrawal period and will not have to experience the pain.

So, if the real problem was the difficulty the addict had in going through the withdrawal period, the problem should be solved.

 Although the withdrawal symptoms are a deterrent to recovery when removed, the problem is still there; the urge to use drugs, again and again, hasn’t been alleviated. Instead, in many cases, the desire to use is intensified and the likelihood of another failed recovery is high.

To truly recover from addiction, the best way for the addict come out the same way he went in, wide awake and aware of everything.

 Increasing his awareness is the solution, not decreasing it. Avoidance is one of the prime motivations of addiction to drugs in the first place, we can’t overcome it with lowered awareness and more avoidance.

There are vitamins, minerals, counseling techniques that, if used, will get the person relatively painlessly through withdrawal. But that is where real drug rehabilitation starts.

 Now the addict needs to learn what he or she didn’t learn before, how to live a wholesome life without hiding; how to understand the triggers that used to lead to dangerous drugs, and how to use those tendencies in a positive direction.

The efforts which were formerly spent toward using and hiding drugs can now be redirected to constructive purposes and achieving a life of which the former addict can be proud.

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