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Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder where people are not able to interpret reality. Schizophrenia results in a combination of delusions, disordered thinking, and behavior that messes with a person’s daily routine and functioning. People with schizophrenia require proper treatment. You can now get the best treatment for schizophrenia in Gurgaon with the help of our rehabilitation centre.

Early warning signs of schizophrenia

There have been cases where schizophrenia appeared without any early signs but for most people, it comes on slowly, with subtle warning signs and gradual decline in functioning. Friends and family often recognize that something is wrong but they don’t know what exactly is wrong.

Some of the early warning signs are:

  1. Social withdrawal
  2. Flat and expressionless gaze
  3. Oversleeping
  4. Strange uses of words
  5. Inability to cry to express joy
  6. No personal hygiene
  7. Extreme reactions to criticism


These warning signs can result from several problems. When in-ordinary behavior is causing a problem in your life, you must seek medical help.

Symptoms of schizophrenia

There are four symptoms of schizophrenia:

Delusions are common in schizophrenia and these involve illogical and bizarre ideas or fantasies such as delusions of persecution, reference, or grandeur.

Hallucinations are sounds and sensations that feel like they are real but they are actually in your mind. Hallucinations are also common to observe in schizophrenia and are meaningful to the person who is experiencing them.

Schizophrenia causes trouble in concentrating and maintaining a train of thought, the person responds with an unrelated answer and says illogical things.

Schizophrenic person experiences a downfall in every aspect of his life. Hack of inhibition and impulse control, bizarre behavior, inappropriate responses, and a decline in overall daily functioning are some of the examples of disorganized behavior.

If you are having schizophrenia then get yourself to a professional doctor/psychologist and get your diagnosis done. Although there is no direct diagnosis for schizophrenia the doctor will examine you through the way you talk and the symptoms you have been experiencing and if you are diagnosed with the same then make sure to get proper treatment. Our rehabilitation center offers the best treatment for schizophrenia in Gurgaon.


Diagnosis for schizophrenia can be very upsetting but ignoring the problem won’t make it go away. One must begin with the treatment as soon as possible with the help of an experienced psychologist as guidance is crucial for recovery. With the help of the right treatment and medications, many people with schizophrenia can regain their normal functioning and even become symptom-free.

The most effective treatment strategy for schizophrenia involves a combination of medication, therapy, social support, and lifestyle changes. Schizophrenia requires long-term treatment. People have to continue their treatment even after feeling better, to get symptom-free. Treatment can change from time to time and the doctor will lower your dosage according to your condition.

Medication for schizophrenia is only given under the guidance of the doctor. It helps in reducing the psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations, delusions, paranoia, and disordered thinking, but medication will not cure lack of motivation, social withdrawal so therapy has to be there to complete the treatment procedure.

Psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy help the person to improve his/her coping and life skills manage stress and address relationship issues and improve communication with the outside world. Group therapy helps the patients to connect who are in a similar situation. They can overcome their challenges together by keeping a valuable mindset.

After your treatment is completed make sure that you seek social support from your family and friends, consider volunteering and joining help groups. Learn how to manage stress and don’t let stress trigger your schizophrenia. Get yourself into an exercising routine as it will make you feel calmer and you will be able to keep your mind off of other problems. Get as much sleep as you want and eat healthy to keep yourself physically fit. Avoid alcohol, drugs, and nicotine and if you have any of these issues then you might need help again. 


Frequently asked questions

They spend most of their time alone as their schizophrenia symptoms increase with time, they don’t feel like talking or sharing anything with others. So if someone you know has schizophrenia, try to help them and support them as much as you can. Get them into treatment, the best treatment for schizophrenia is now available in Gurgaon.

The main triggers of schizophrenia are stressful events like losing a job, ending a relationship, emotional abuse, or divorce

n’t argue and use simple directions, give the person some personal space so that he/she doesn’t feel trapped. Move the person away from noise and call for help.

Yes! It is possible to live a normal life with schizophrenia but only if the patient is getting good treatment and has all his symptoms under control.

It goes away by the age of 65 to 70 years. After the age of 70, cognitive decline in older people with schizophrenia cannot be ruled out.

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