Drug and alcohol abuse manifest themselves as different behavioral changes and inconsistencies and share several commonalities. In this article, you will learn about some common signs shown by a person who is suffering from addiction.

Addicts themselves are the last person to realize that something is wrong with them, they are not able to see the outward signs of addiction. They attempt their best to hide it from everyone but eventually, the truth comes out.

  1. ISOLATION – One of the behavioral changes associated with addiction is isolation. Addicts use drugs and alcohol as a way to deal with stress or just to relax after having a long day and will either emotionally withdraw but still partake in their drug abuse in the presence of their friends or try to escape someplace to take it alone. Other signs of addiction are when the user makes an excuse to go out for 5 minutes and disappears for the whole day after.When a person is consumed by addiction, he/she loses interest in daily activities and someone interested in sports or social clubs might slowly drop out of everything. The addict will stop exercising and working and will find time to consume drugs.

  • MOOD SWINGS – when an addicted person goes through lifestyle changes, mood swings are also associated with the signs of addiction. If drug or alcohol use has gotten to the point where someone is using all the time, the symptoms of withdrawal can include depression, fatigue, anxiety, sweating, and irritability. When the person is on drugs, signs of addiction can be drastic improvements in mood swings, being happy to sad within a few minutes. These wild mood swings are the result of drastic changes that alcohol and drug consumption can have upon the body and mind.

  1. MONEY TROUBLES – another sign that is aligned with addiction is money trouble. People involved in opiates are often found entangled in money problems. Regular drug users buy expensive drugs and at some point, it gets difficult for them to make a purchase. Addicts often drain a bank account and then steal from family and friends. Another sign is when the addict won’t have any money to buy groceries, food but will somehow manage to buy drugs. A partner or a roommate to someone with addiction would notice that the mutual monthly contribution to finances begins to come late or not at all. It might take a few months to realize a pattern in that the addicted one is not contributing his part of the money.

These three are the major signs of addiction. Isolation, withdrawal, hiding drug/alcohol use, stealing are some dishonest behaviors, and lying becomes a daily habit of the addict. There are very few people who are honest with their addiction, family members often suspect something going on but when they approach the addicted member, he will deny the fact and this is because he doesn’t want to accept the fact that he is addicted to drugs or alcohol.

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