It can be saddening to see someone close suffering from an addiction. Confronting the person about it can be even more difficult, so you want to be sure before broaching the subject. The good news is that all addictions have common signs that can help you identify a problem. If you are familiar with these signs it can make all the difference in helping someone with addiction before it is too late. One of the most common addictions is alcohol. Approximately 14 million Indians suffer from alcohol addiction. Abuse of alcohol is so common because it is so readily available. If a person smells of alcohol, has unusually bright eyes, or uses an extraordinary amount of breath mints or mouthwash there could be a problem. Other behaviors of an alcoholic are more obvious such as slurred speech, headaches, nausea, and grumpiness. Many alcoholics also hide bottles or cans of alcohol anywhere they spend a lot of time.

Another form of addiction that is becoming more prevalent throughout the country is drugs. It is estimated that 20% of Indians have abused prescribed drugs at some point in their lifetime. People who abuse drugs may appear to be drunk but have not been drinking. Other common behaviors of prescribed drug abusers include slurred speech, inability to walk straight, droopy eyes, and the tendency to fall asleep during meals or other social activities. Prescription drug addicts also tend to be secretive and hide their pills around the house. Since it is more difficult to obtain pills than alcohol, many prescription drug addicts will turn to forge prescriptions.

While all addictions are serious, an addiction to cocaine can be deadly. Cocaine addictions can begin very quickly are very difficult to break. About 2 million Indians are addicted to cocaine. People who are addicted to cocaine will do just anything to get it, even when important aspects of their lives suffer. Other signs of cocaine addiction can include a raw nose, dilated pupils, wearing long sleeves even in summer, weight loss, and broken teeth. Cocaine addicts are very restless, constantly scratch themselves and tend to move very quickly, and do repetitive actions like cleaning.

Besides alcohol, one of the most abused drugs is marijuana. It is estimated that over 14 million Indians use marijuana at least once a month. Marijuana is often portrayed as a safe drug, the one that is not addictive. Studies show that people who abuse marijuana tend to be more violent. Marijuana users tend to have bloodshot eyes and dazed expressions. Frequent users often have a very careless attitude, a large appetite, and laugh at anything and everything. Smoking marijuana is usually a social activity so it is important to know who the person you are concerned about hangs around with.

Confronting a person who you believe suffers from an addiction can be a daunting task. There tends to be a lot of worry about the person hating you. The person may act out towards you in the beginning but trying to help them fight their addiction could be the best thing you ever do for the relationship. Getting help for addicts is a huge and important step. Until the person wants help, it is likely that they will fail at any treatment programs they may enter. There are a lot of options to help someone that may be suffering so don’t be afraid to step up. You can contact our rehabilitation centre to get the best treatment for any kind of addiction.

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