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People with mental illness or a substance use disorder also smoke cigarettes. It might provide temporary relief from some symptoms but smoking is not a healthy solution for managing a mental illness. Nicotine can alter mood in a way that covers up symptoms which reinforces the increased use of tobacco in people with a mental health condition.

Smoking tobacco can exacerbate existing mental and physical health challenges in the short term and can lead to additional negative outcomes in the long term. So if your loved ones smoke or are addicted to smoking then help them get into treatment. You can get the best treatment for smoking addiction in Gurgaon, with the help of our rehabilitation center.

Smoking affects the mental and physical health of an individual and the consequences can be severe if not given attention to. People with mental illness are five times more prone to die if they smoke cigarettes regularly. Cancer, heart disease, and lung diseases are the leading cause of death for smokers. So it is important to understand that smoking addiction can kill you.
Some serious health effects of smoking tobacco are:
– Increased risk of heart attack
– Stroke or lung cancer
– Coughing and breathing problem
– Anxiety, stress, and depression
– Oral health issues and tooth loss
– Interactions with psychiatric medications
– Social isolation
– Negative self-image
Some of these effects can decrease if you stop smoking and the improvement adds up over time. Coughing and breathing problem also gets reduced after the first month of quitting and risk of heart attack decreases within a year and the risk of cancer decreases in 5-10 years. Several other benefits are possible after you quit smoking.

Smoking cigarettes or using other tobacco products causes nicotine addiction which is very addictive so it can lead to dependence. Smoking cessation products like nicotine gum, patches can cause smoking/tobacco addiction. The risk is low because the amount of nicotine in these products is lower and delivered more slowly than the nicotine in tobacco.

Symptoms of smoking/tobacco addiction are:

– Respiratory infection
– Breathing problem
– Chest pain
– Coughing up blood
– Having problems in exercising
– Frequent cold
– Cannot stop chewing despite the attempts to quit
– Has withdrawal symptoms when trying to quit
– Has a habit of chewing after every meal
– Needs tobacco to feel normal enough
– Gives up on activities or won’t attend any events where tobacco is not allowed
– Continues to use despite having health problems

These symptoms keep getting worse if the person does not consider getting himself treated. You must get your diagnosis done by a professional doctor if you think you are addicted to smoking. Our rehabilitation centre is known for its best treatment of smoking addiction in Gurgaon

There are smokers to try to quit, but they fail if attempt without any help. A person is more likely to stop smoking if he opts for proper counseling and medications.
Medications do help to cope with withdrawal symptoms and cravings but behavioral therapy sessions are also needed if you are willing to quit smoking entirely. Cognitive-behavioral therapy and mindfulness-based therapy are proven to be successful in treating smoking addiction. These therapies help the patient to learn about coping mechanisms and to change their negative behavior and thinking into a positive one.
Behavioral counseling is provided by specialists for treating smoking addiction. Four to eight sessions take place. Therapy sessions are considered to be successful for the patients. Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps the patients identify triggers – the people, places, and things that spur behavior and teaches about relapse prevention skills along with good coping mechanisms that will help the patients to quit tobacco use.
Mindfulness is another method that is proved to be successful for addicts. In mindfulness-based therapy, patients learn to increase awareness of and detachment from sensations, cravings, and thoughts that might lead them to relapse. In this therapy, the patients purposely attend to the thoughts that trigger cravings and urges for tobacco and cognitively reframe them as expected and tolerable.
If you or anyone you know is addicted to using tobacco, force them to get into treatment before it gets too late. You can get the best treatment for tobacco addiction near New Delhi, with our help. Contact us to get more details.


Frequently asked questions

You know some people smoke herbal cigarettes as an aid to stop smoking regular ones. Passionflower, rose petals, ginseng, red clover flowers, lotus leaf are some of the herbal cigarettes that you can prefer.

Smoking can cause cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung problems, or diabetes. It is injurious to health so it is better if you simply quit. 

Quitting smoking will improve your overall health status and will enhance the quality of your life, will reduce the risk of premature death, and can add 10 more years to your life. So get yourself treated before it gets too late, our rehab centre gives out the best treatment for smoking addiction in New Gurgaon.

Yes you can! Make a plan for yourself to quit smoking, get proper support from your friends and family. See yourself as a non-smoker, and try to stay positive throughout the entire process

Cigarette contains nicotine, people smoke it away. Nicotine acts in the brain by stimulating the adrenal glands to release the hormone epinephrine and by increasing levels of chemical messenger dopamine.

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